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Here is an article that I found when I was surfing around(bcoz of boringness..zzz). I found that this article r quite interesting and I would like to share this article wif y'all..hopefully u guys can learn something from it ok??huhu

Understand the meanings of looking
  • When you look strangers in the eye, you are saying, "I want to know more about you."
  • When you look people in the mouth, you are saying, "I am not comfortable looking into your eyes" or "I want to kiss you."
  • When your eyes are locked onto a specific part of a person's face you are saying, "I am nervous."
  • When you look away from a person routinely or lean away from them, you are saying, "I don't like you."
  • When you raise one eyebrow, you are saying, "oh really?"
  • When you look upwards, you are saying, "I am thinking."
  • When you close your eyes halfway, you are saying, "I am suspicious."
  • When you widen your eyes, you are saying, "I am amazed."
Express yourself through facial features.
  • When you wink you are saying, "It's our little secret."
  • When you smile subtly, you are saying, "Here is a gesture of approval."
  • When you smile with teeth and close your eyes a bit, you are saying, "I am very happy."
  • When you walk constantly looking at the ground, you are feeling unconfident.
  • When you frown, you are saying, "I am bored/unhappy."
  • When you drop your jaw, you are saying, "I don't believe it."
  • When you bite your bottom lip, you are saying, "I'm flirty."
Move your head.
  • When your head is up, you are saying, "I don't mind people looking at me."
  • When your head is down, you are saying, "I don't want people to look at me."
  • When you turn your head to look at someone, you are saying, "I enjoy looking at you."
Understand meanings of the placement of legs.
  • When you hold your legs close together, you are saying, "I am modest."
  • When you hold your legs far apart, you are saying, "I am not modest."
Placing your shoulders.
  • When your shoulders are open and wide, you are saying, "I would like to meet new people."
  • When your shoulders are closed and hunched, you are saying, "Leave me alone, please."
Understand the meanings of physical contact.
  • When you touch someone on the arm, you are saying, "I want us to be close."
  • When you touch someone on the waist/neck/face, you are saying, "I am physically attracted to you."
Understand the general condition.
  • When you are tense, you are saying, "I am not comfortable."
  • When you are relaxed, you are saying, "I am comfortable."
  • When you fidget, you are saying, "I want to find something better to do."
source from www.wikihow.com


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